Contentfly Review (Is It A Reliable Platform?):[SEE DEMO]


Contentfly Review

In this review you will find out what Contentfly is. And how it helps you in your business.

It is a platform that lets you get high-quality writing, on-demand for your business.

The cost to use the platform would be USD250 a month. And in the long run it’s going to cost you USD3,000 in a year.

The platform is expensive..and not knowing the quality of writers assigned to you.


Contentfly does save up some of your time when comes to copy-writing task. But, it is important to take note that majority of the online business and especially the top online marketers do not recommend it.Contentfly Review 

On the other hand, most of them prefer using cutting edge copy writing software that gives them competitive advantage over the other and to stay ahead the competition in today’s fast changing internet marketing trend.

If you would like to be ahead of the marketing game and are looking for a copy-writing software that can write your Sales Letter, Scripts and Webinar Slides, Email and Ads then Funnel Scripts is the right option. Contentfly Review

If you want to find out how Funnel Scripts works, there is a FREE Webinar that show you how it can help you to generate high compelling copy that will convert most of your potential leads into paying customers.

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Contentfly Review

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Contentfly Vs Funnel Scripts

In this review you will find out How Funnel Scripts Can Help You Create Highly Compelling Ads Copy and why Funnel Script is an obvious alternative for Contentfly

And discover what are the 3 secrets to getting ALL of your Scripts, Sales letters, Webinar Slides, Emails, and Ads written in just MINUTES :

1. The #1 Reason Your Funnel Is not Converting, is because of Your COPY.

2. You Do Not Have To HIRE A World Class Copywriter. 

3. You Do not Need To Be A World Class Copywriter.






Why Do you Need Funnel Scripts

It does not matter whether it’s for a sales letter, an ad copy, an item description or a video manuscript, developing copy is a process that needs miraculous treatment. The copy is the voice that sends your advertising message, consequently, a complete understanding of who your target market is, what the item is, just how your product fixes your target audience’s difficulties, etc. is something that should resonate within your copy.


Reasons why great copy is a powerful marketing device:

  • An excellent copy separates your brand and also your products from rivals. This means that an excellent copy permits you to make a name for yourself.


  • An excellent copy requires results you can determine. This one’s lovely evident considering that a good copy is usually sure to bring boost in important metrics such as involvement as well as conversion. With a great copy, it’s very easy to roll out an advertising campaign within a set spending plan.


  • A great copy converts to sales. This is a piece of cake. A terrific copy has the power to enthrall your audience and urge them right into acting upon whatever you claim, in this instance, to buy in. A highly engaging copy does just that.


  • A good copy helps you develop a strong connection, improved trust fund and also credibility, with your target market.


Contentfly Review

Facts About Copy writing

Writing copy isn’t an easy task. Also one of the most experienced of pros in marketing will find this task daunting in some cases, otherwise all the time. After all, not all marketing experts have the capacity to create copy that will resonate to their audience and transform the target market in the process.Contentfly Review

Creating web content is already a difficult procedure as it is– creating copy, much more so. And also if you’re a marketer, you will certainly recognize exactly how this process is not something to just disregard and also just thoughtlessly churn copy for the sake of producing copy. It doesn’t function like that.

Currently, I’m not trying to tax you to produce excellent and also efficient copy. I can, nevertheless, comprehend that not everyone is birthed with the skill to weave words with each other right into something that involves the target market, much less act on it and also convert. And all-natural authors don’t always cut it when it pertains to developing excellent copy. It all boils down to developing that skill and also improving that ability up until it comes to be second nature to you.

But let’s simply encounter it, if we’re most likely to be practical, it’s most likely to take a great deal of time if we wish to do it ourselves. Naturally, we can employ skilled copywriters, but what if we don’t have the moment or the budget to work with one?Contentfly Review



What Is Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is ClickFunnels script creating system that addresses our really need to produce compelling copy– a copy that engages the target market and converts them at the same time.

What I such as about Funnel Scripts is that it isn’t like the cookie cutter copy generator you can find online. If you take the time as well as check out the manuscript authors readily available to Funnel Scripts, you’ll locate that it not only concentrates on what you intend to state to your target market, but it develops copy according to your target audience, their needs, obstacles, problems and also how you believe your product and services can fix all of those.Contentfly Review


Copy writing Is Made Easy.

The good idea concerning Funnel Scripts is that it is unbelievably simple to use. All you require to do is to fill in the details asked in the forms, click Submit. The copy is ready to utilize. You do not need to understand much concerning copy writing, either because Funnel Scripts gets the job done for you. It is really hassle-free.


What You Can Develop With Funnel Scripts

  • Advertisement Copies
  • Sales Copies
  • Email Script
  • Headlines
  • Call-To-Action Copies
  • Video Clip Sales Letter Scripts
  • Email Topic Lines
  • Webinar Opt in
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Product Descriptions


What are the Benefits

  • The forms are simple to fill up.
  • It saves you time in inventing how to make your copy engaging.
  • You don’t need to be a professional to utilize it.
  • There are training video clips readily available if you find on your own perplexed.
  • The Script are editable.
  • There is an online training available on a monthly basis.


Free Webinar Demo

This free webinar demo will show you the new Funnel Scripts Software application that in fact composes your copy for you. To Watch The Webinar Click Here.Contentfly Review


Contentfly Review

Contentfly Review

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Analysis

Getting started with Funnel Scripts

Once you have purchased Funnel Scripts you can access by log into your account via web based. Funnel Scripts is an extremely user friendly even if you are completely new and first time using the software.

It is so easy and simple to use the software and by answering simple questions in a form provided and hit the done button, your copy is ready.  And you can always edit and improve the copy as you wish.


Which it means that you can literally get rid of the troubles of coming out with your own copy from scratch. In addition, you will get to learn the framework of developing a copy from the training videos available as part of your Funnel Script access. In the long run you developed good copy writing skills when you use it more often.Funnel Scripts come with tutorial videos that made writing copies easier.Contentfly Review



How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost

As you know to hire someone to do the copy-writing could cost you a fortune. Unless you’re willing to pay the crazy high fees, and often even give up equity in your company, it can be REALLY hard or expensive to get good copy done for your funnels.

I definitely don’t want you to waste time suffering through writing copy on your own from scratch or worse, looking for another expensive copywriter to bleed your expense report (especially when there’s no guarantee that their copy will even convert!

There is no free trial that you can test drive Funnel Scrips and you won’t able to get it through any group buy or even download the software for free. Prior to this, this Funnel Scripts cost a monthly subscription fee of $49 a month. But this payment plan has been discarded by ClickFunnels, which i think it don’t make sense in the long run.


However, currently there is a ONE TIME Special Offer.

What you will get when you invest in the Special Offer:

1. Funnel Scripts Unlimited
[consist of DotComSecrets Scripts, ExpertSecrets Scripts, O.F.A Scripts]
2. Funnel Scripts Blueprint 
3. LIVE Monthly Coaching Call with Jim Edwards 
4. Copy Writing Secrets Masterclass 
5. ALL Other Scripts [Over 60+Total Scripts]


Click HERE To Find Out More About The Limited Time Offer!


It’s going to cost you a One Time Payment to use Funnel Scripts with UNLIMITED ACCESS. To be honest i am not sure when this special offer will ends, but i usually don’t go for monthly subscription because One Time payment is going give HUGE SAVINGS in the long run. You do the math, you can just calculate over 12 months period 🙂 .



Loaded with 7 Type Of Script Writers

  • Titles
  • Email
  • Sales Letters
  • Sales Copy & Video Scripts
  • Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Bullet Scripts


1. Titles

Under this type of script writers it’s function is to help you to create convincing of killer title or subject lines. This is utmost important as good title catches humans eye balls.

Thus you would be able to create greater reader engagement which will make readers want to read further and interested in reading your the rest of the part of the content.

Email Subject Line

Having a high engaging subject title decide whether your readers will want to open the email. Rest assured that Funnel Scripts are build in with this function to create high engaging subject title.

Short and quick Headlines

This build in script writer helps you to create a simplified version long-form headlines, yet making sure the headlines deliver main objective about the intention of your offer.


2. Advertising

Advertising script writers, it was developed to help you to create high engaging as well as high converting ad copies and content.

Social Media News-feed Ad 

When comes to paid ads you always want to ensure you achieve a high click through rates for your ads. This script writer is developed specifically to create copy for News-feed Ads to use for social media platform like Linked In, Facebook or even Google Ads.

High Curiosity Ad Copy

This build in script writer helps to develop high curiosity ad copies which is convincing and able to increase high click through rate on your ads. The key in this type of ad copy is that it highlights the obstacles that your audience is facing and solution to overcome it. 


3. Content Creation

Under this type of script writer, it is designed to help you create copy to promote the content.

Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts

Using this, you can have tons of ideas on topic idea which can be use in articles, blog posts and social media

Free Report Scripts

This script allows you to create report cover letters, ads, and optin-pages. With these, it can help you to promote the Free Report you are offering to your potential customers.


4. Emails

The Email script writers. These script writers allows you to create high engaging and high-converting follow-up and promotional emails. This will determine whether whether your email will be read by potential customers.

Auto Email Follow-Up Script

This script helps you to create copy for the entire follow-up email marketing sequence. 

Teaser and Tweet Scripts

Nothing but cool script that let allows you to create email teasers and quick tweets on Twitter.

Promote Your Webinar Scripts

If you have no idea how to promote your own webinar this script can help you to create promotional copies for your webinars. And if you are plan to do your own webinar be sure to check out the Perfect Webinar Script by Russell Brunson.

Webinar Follow Up Scripts

Follow up emails are so crucial to ensure you keep a continuous engagement with your customers or potential customers. If you have no idea on to write a killer webinar follow up sequence Funnel Script has this function that does this. 

Killer Auto Responder

And one of the most effective auto-responder to schedule the email follow up and sequences to be send out to your list is Actionectics. You can get Actionectics comes with a build-in auto-responder you invest in ClickFunnels Enterprise Suite.

Funnel Scripts Email Sequence Follow up

Click Here To Watch How Actionectics Works


Actionetics an email auto-responder which build upon the sales funnels you have created. It allows you communicate with your clients after they might have reached a certain stages of your sales funnels you created.With Actionetics you can import your contact listings using the import contact features, which absolutely make you stop using other emails automation setup for your business. 

Actionetics allows so much in your sales funnels, instead of just sending automated emails which might cost extra cash you can use this automated tool to subdivide your email contacts based on where they are currently in the funnels. You can achieve these using tags. These elements label the customers by their rate of interest, their last products purchase and their interactions with your sites. You can now use this to create business traffic for sites and lead them to wherever you want in the sales funnels.



5. Sales Letter

Sales Letter script writers. This script writers enable you to create Long and Short form Sales copies or Video Sales letter scripts.

Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts

Using this script writer you can create copy that has more details. The copy will be mainly focus and include all the essential points related to your offer. 

Short Sales Letter Script

Similar to the Long Form Sales Letter Scripts but in shorter form.


6. Sales copy & Video Scripts

This type of script writer build-in to help create marketing copies. Marketing copies are the key success factor to determine the copy is converting or otherwise. In other whether you make a sale it very much depend on the quality of the marketing copy.Contentfly Review


7. Bullet Script

This script writer enable you to make bullet points more convincing and engaging. It makes your potential customers to aware what is your offers about, the features of your products or service and most important how the offers relate to them.

Feature, Benefit and Meaning (FBM) Bullet Script

FBM allows you to create bullets that list out your product or service, what it does and what it means for your potential customers. The bullet point listed out is meant to attract potential customers to zoom in on the interested products or services and to encourage them to to take action.


Is Funnel Script For You.

Based on my personal experience, the HARDEST part of creating an awesome funnel or sales page, is the copy. Be it headlines, sales letters, videos, webinar or emails.

In the past, most copywriters charge approximately $20k or more just for ONE sales letter. Imagine how much of savings you would if you have Funnel Scripts.

Unless you are willing to pay the insane high copy writing fees, and often you would have limited resources, it can be really difficult and extremely expensive to get good copy done for your funnels or sales page.

You can go and see a demo webinar showing how Funnel Script functions.


Contentfly Review

Funnel Scripts isn’t only made for total novices or for those that do not have a solitary copy writing knowledge. There is constantly something new to find out from all the training videos and also tips that you entitled to.

The script writers build-in in the Funnel Scripts make it feasible for skilled copywriters to additional sharpen their skill in developing gaining copies for whatever advertising campaign.


One point that makes Funnel Scripts a success is that it not your ordinary script generator that creates copies. Funnel Scripts make it an indicate consist of crucial locations such as your target niche, your optimal target consumer, what they need, the hurdles or issues they deal with, their goals, and so on. Essentially, the script writers assist you produce copies that your target market can connect to. This, in turn, will lead to more sales or conversions.

If you want to create copies on instantly, Funnel Scripts is a complementary tool for your advertising and marketing tasks . It’s an essential device for any type of marketing professional.Contentfly Review



What Exactly Is Contentfly

ContentFly is a content platform developed to automate the content outsourcing procedure. It gets rid of the requirement for organisations and companies to find, bring in, and also interview freelance authors or copywriters.


What Are Contentfly Benefits

Well-Researched Material

ContentFly guarantees that all the content you get is well-researched and not reused content. In addition to that, you possess all the rights to every short article you purchased, copyright protected.


Dealing With Expert Writers

ContentFly made up of a team of top class writers that are completely vetted utilizing the most rigid standards. You don’t have to manually try to find the most effective author among hundreds of authors from various sectors and niches. ContentFly does all the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is establish your requirements and also ContentFly will instantly establish the procedure in motion. The system checks its pool of authors and also chooses one that matches your market as well as your topic best. You don’t need to hang around searching, speaking with, and reviewing potential candidates. ContentFly accelerate the process so you can promptly get your hands on the content you require.


SEO Focus Material

When you order material by means of ContentFly, you can feel confident that your posts are friendly and easily readable to internet search engine bots. You do not need to do SEO methods to make them SEO friendly. ContentFly provides short articles as well as pieces that are fully enhanced for search engines, making them very noticeable and also searchable online. When you have SEO-ready material, you can quickly enhance your web traffic.Contentfly Review


Contentfly Features

  • Multiple Content Types.

1. Blog Articles

Get high-quality white label blog articles written for your business by different freelancers.
ContentFly’s platform uses Artificial Intelligence to pick the best writers for each article request based on the topic and writer’s rating and delivers the fully written content pieces to your email in 3-5 business days.


2. SEO Optimized Web Content

Be smart about your time and outsource copywriting for your website. Contentfly writer will deliver sales-driven web copy that’s also optimized according to the latest SEO best-practices.
All you need to do is to provide information about your business goals, target market and what kind of copy you need for your website and Contentfly will ensure you get it in a few days. If you’re not happy with it, you will be given unlimited free revisions.


3.Landing Pages

Experiment with several buyer’s personas and target different markets by producing a wide range of different landing pages. And let Contentfly do the copywriting for you. All you have to do is share the landing page template, desired word count for each page, information about your business & value proposition and they will write it up for you..


4.Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Sending automated emails via autoresponder to your customers is still a great marketing strategy that has an amazing ROI (Return On Investment). You can focus on other things while ContentFly takes over the copywriting. You can order the content for your email campaigns in bulk or one at a time. Just make sure to specify “who” is writing, what’s the purpose of the email and what information should be featured in it. 


5.Social Media Posts

Become a thought-leader in your field and offer unique content through social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) is crucial. Let ContentFly do the writting while you can focus on more important matters. What you need to do is to let Contentfly know what is your unique “voice” is about, what topics should get covered and what’s the goal of your social media strategy.


  • SEO-Optimized, SEO-Friendly, and Researched Content.
  • Fast Delivery (3-5 Business Days)
  • Fast Content Request Processing Time.



How Contentfly Works

ContentFly automatically develops the material orders and chooses the best freelance writer or authors for a particular subject. Finished write-ups are delivered through the control panel accessible through your account within 3 to 5 days.

Depending on the membership plan you go for, you can split his assigned number of words monthly right into numerous orders.


For example, a conventional package of $250 monthly is worth 4,000 words. Users can purchase four 1,000-word write-up or 10 400-word items, depending on their demand. To read more about its pricing, click here.

ContentFly display their writers, guaranteeing their customers that they just area experts capable of generating high-grade web content for any type of composing function as swiftly as possible.

Contentfly Review