ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama which is better? ClickFunnels has a world class affiliate training program where you will be learning the tested and successful affiliate marketing strategies used by the ClickFunnels Super Affiliate. To register for the FREE training, Click Here.

In this review you will learn why ClickFunnels Affiliate Training is a better option compared to Affilorama or vice versa. These are the most popular affiliate training platforms.

And will learn how you can quickly build your online business from scratch by leveraging the lucrative affiliate programs. 


ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is among one of the most prominent digital advertising software application Affiliate programs online today.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

Recurring life time commissions, sticky cookies and also a Two-tier Affiliate payment framework, together with that Russell Brunson and also Etison LLC offer their Affiliates all the training, sources, distinct motivations as well as
benefits they require in order to be successful with the program, make this a suitable selection when choosing which Affiliate program in the digital advertising and marketing particular niche is right for your business.  

The most attractive feature of this opportunity is the ability to promote various products that are complimentary to the ClickFunnels software.


Complimentary products or services such as:

Expert Secrets 

Dotcom Secrets

Funnel Hacker Cookbook

Funnel Scripts

Funnel University

By taking advantage the High Converting Upsell funnels  build by Russell Brunson for these complimentary products or service, you will earn extremely high commission by just give away these complimentary products.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

For Example : By simply promote Dotcom Secrets Book which is FREE, you can earn commission up to USD927.00 !

ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama


How To Be Extremely Successful in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

One of the easiest way to become successful in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is to learn the marketing strategies from the series of affiliate training videos created by ClickFunnels. 

To get access to the complete training Click here. ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama


ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, then the ClickFunnels affiliate program will be extremely attractive to you, even if you’re not a ClickFunnels user, because of the high-value recurring commissions you can earn. 

If you want A Step By Step guide on how you can be extremely successful in Clickfunnels Affiliate Program, there is a course created by the Top ClickFunnels Affiliate.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

Spencer Mecham is the Top ClickFunnels Affiliate. In total he has generated more than USD 1,000,000 in affiliate commission from the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program just by promoting ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

The name of the course is called Affiliate Secrets. You can check out his course here

Affiliate Secrets is a shortcut to be successful in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and to helps to create massive recurring income stream. 


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ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama


ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission

When come to commission and payout, there are some common questions that people want to find out before joining any affiliate programs.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

How Much Of Commission Do I Get Paid If I Promote The Products Or Services?
And The Next Question Is When Do I Actually Get Paid On The Commission That I Earned?

Features of the ClickFunnels Affiliate commission and Frequency of payout.

Valuable front end offers to promote that are irresistible to your customers where many of which are FREE, customers just need to pay tiny shipping fee.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

Offers such as Expert Secrets, Dot Com Secrets and Perfect Webinar Script) High converting funnels that allow you to earn additional commissions on a variety of relevant and complementary upsells.


ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout

The frequency of payout would be every 1st and 15th of each month. Payment is made via by bank transfer or PayPalIndeed it is very similar to many other Affiliate programs out there.ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

The ClickFunnels Affiliate program holds commissions for a period of 30 days after they are earned (to eliminate refund risk due to their 30 day refund guarantee on all of their products)

To ensure a smooth process of getting paid on time it is very important to complete the Tax form is required by the tax authority for compliance purpose. ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama

As to which type of Tax forms to submit, it is very much depend on whether you are based in U.S or outside U.S

Different Forms are required :

U.S. Affiliates – ( Form W-9 )

International Affiliates – ( Form W-8BEN)

International Affiliates Entities – ( Form W-8BEN-E)

For convenience wise, the above mentioned forms are found and can be submitted electronically online.  Clickfunnels Affiliates Tax Form.

ClickFunnels Vs Affilorama




Affilorama is one of the second largest affiliate marketing training platform on the internet after Wealthy Affiliate

Affilorama is a platform designed for Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels. In fact this is the one of the best place to get right in to learn all the things about affiliate marketing.

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Affilorama  is designed specifically for you to learn about affiliate marketing.


How To Get Started :

To start with Affilorama can register for a FREE Account and will be given a BASIC account at NO COST. In the basic account you will get access more than 80 video tutorials with written notes covering the basics about setting up your affiliate marketing business, SEO, and PPC  that can help you to build a successful online business.


If you already have a Affilorama account, then you have made a right choice. 

But, if you do not have a Affilorama account yet, then I would HIGHLY recommend to invest in Affilorama Special Offer that includes list of incredible features and benefits that you wont get in the Basic account.

This is the absolute best offer and discount available for Affilorama users.

By not taking advantage of the special offer it literally cost you more money in the long term
To find out more what’s inside the SPECIAL OFFER, Click here.



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